How To Edit Lightsabers to your Movies using Rebaslight

This will show you step by step how to use Rebaslight. These are general instructions on the process of adding lightsaber effects onto your movie.

You will need

Step 1 - Import Your Film

Open video in Rebaslight When you launch Rebaslight open the movie clip you want to edit. If you want to change the clip hit the "Main Source" button by the timeline and then select "Open Media File." Then you can change which movie you want to edit.
Note: some movie formats are not supported. If you get a "Failed to load" message, try converting your movie to another format. It's recomended to convert to .mov or .mp4 format. Here is a list of free video conversion programs.

Step 2 - Add Layers

Rebaslight effect Layers Once you've imported your movie, you can start adding Effects. On the menu bar select Effects->"Laser Glow" This will add a new layer to the timeline. You will need to add a layer for each lightsaber in your movie. If you have a double bladed lightsaber add two Layers, one for each blade. On the "Effects Layers" you will see all the effects you have added. To delete them hit the trashcan icon. You can also rearrange the order by pressing the up or down buttons. When you click on the button with the effect name you can start editing that layer. The settings for that layer will appear in the "Effects Panel."

Step 3 - Rotoscope (Draw over the Movie)

edit lightsaber to movie using Rebaslight rotoscope mode In order to make the lightsaber effect we need to draw over the lightsaber frame by frame. Rebaslight does not automatically detect where the lightsaber is so you need to trace over it manually. Make sure you are in rotoscope mode. (The circle button on the far right of the screen.) When you are in "rotoscope mode" you can left click directly on the image and create a point. Create points to outline your lightsaber. You can move them by left clicking and dragging the point to a new location. To delete a point right click on the point.
Note: Rebaslight uses key framing. When you edit the current frame you are viewing, Rebaslight automatically creates a keyframe. A yellow mark is placed over the frame on the timeline. To remove the keyframe click "Remove Edits" on the Effects panel. It will delete the current keyframe.

Step 4 - Modify Effects

Rebaslight lightsaber effect Switch to effects mode Once you are done rotoscoping. Switch to effects mode. Now you can see the lightsaber glow where the rotoscoping outline was. You can change the color, size of the glow, and size of the core glow. (The core glow is the white middle part of the lightsaber) Do this to all the Layers.

Step 5 - Save the Final Product

Export video clip Once you are done making your changes you are ready to Export. (Export means to save the final movie file.) On the Menu bar select File->Export. Then the Export dialog will come up. Press the open button. Find where you want to save it and type in the file name you want. Change the codec and quality if you feel so inclined. When your ready click Export! Then a dialog will come up and will start to export the movie. It will take a while, depending on the length of the movie.
Warning: It's Highly recommended that you do NOT modify the width, height, or frame rate of the movie. Changing the frame rate only effects the picture and not the sound. Only change these settings if you need a customized output format.